Healing Your Energy Body

6 May

In human healing in the First World, we have a clear distinction between the fields of healing the body and healing the mind. Indeed, practitioners who seek to heal the mind in many officially acknowledged modalities are not allowed to touch the body, literally and metaphorically both, at all unless a problem is held to be “psychosomatic” – not really physical at all but just “all in the patient’s mind”.

Holistic practitioners have been seeking for a long time now to overcome this mind-body division because it is so obvious that the two are not separate, that one causes another and that they are inter-related, intertwined and to treat one in the absence of another is basically non-sensical and less efficient than it should be.

One thing the First World allopathic and holistic approaches have very much in common still, however, is the drive to symptom reduction.

First World inhabitants do not consider health unless there is a problem.

There are aspects of First World behaviour which seem as though health is being considered – health food, fitness and dietary supplements are indeed a thriving business – but it isn’t health people are after, but to look healthy and to function with efficiency and as though there actually was underlying health.

This, of course, is putting the cart before the horse as people who had an understanding of what health and healthy living is all about as far back as the Yellow Emperor. When someone is actually healthy, it is then that they:

look healthy (appropriate body proportions, muscle tissue where there should be, shiny hair and eyes, glowing skin, warm and supple body)

think clearly (logic and intuition working together, creativity, problem solving skills);

are emotionally balanced (able to experience the widest range of human emotions and being energised by the process; being able to approach life without fear and in the knowledge that they can experience);

live pro-actively (being focussed and joyful, effective in one’s actions, relating successfully to others, having the energy to build your dreams).

All these things arise from an underlying state of health quite naturally, without any struggle or hassle, without having to spend hours in the gym, grimly counting the calories at each meal, doing “mind gym” exercises or seeking personal development in therapy, courses and classes. When the underlying state of health is absent or the underlying state of being is one of non-balance, chaos, disturbance and non-cooperation between the many systems that comprise the totality of a human being, no amount of fire fighting the symptoms can do more than mask the problems for any length of time.

Energetic Bodies, Energetic Health

Take any First World person, at random, from anywhere out of their busy lives and sit them down in a white room, on a white chair, right in front of you and look at them carefully.

Chances are, they are not getting enough exercise of the right kind. The right kind of exercise for a human body being NOT strapped to some machine which makes a part of the body move backs and forth repeatedly to build muscle or to lose weight; and it is also not running around on concrete surfaces for hours on end.

The right kind of exercise for a human being is to run some then jump and dance, to stretch and flex, to move fluently in many different ways, many different positions throughout every moment of every single day.

Clearly, they are not doing that.

No matter how dedicated to health this person would declare themselves to be, they are not moving around like an unfettered three year old would and it shows in their body – the older they are, the more it shows.

Now, we could tell them about that, show them the evidence, explain it all and surely, they would nod most earnestly, may make a resolve or two to re-organise their lives to “do more exercise” but there we are. The cart is once again, before the confused looking horse and we already know that nothing will change.

This person is going to right back to their lives as they had previously; doing their eight hours in front of a computer screen, lying on a couch or whatever it is they do and returning to their lives exactly as it was.

Thus it is with the legions of dieters, health seekers, exercisers and all those other First World folk who want to make changes for the better in their lives because their lives hurt to live the longer it goes on, but in the end, simply can’t.

But WHY? That is the question I have been fascinated with for as long as I can remember. WHY are we like this? Why don’t we stop hurting ourselves with our daily lives and do something else instead?

In my quest to find the answer to that particular question, I turned to the mind as the driving force for behaviour – I looked into psychology.

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

When I began to investigate what happens with health of mind, or the absence thereof, how it was treated and how it came about, I noted right away that exactly the same processes were in action as were happening with the body.

People would have real problems with their mental functionings, and as with physical fitness, it is as easy as pie to spot where things are going wrong and what they should be doing instead.

Instead of being nasty to themselves, they should be more supportive of themselves, for example. That would work with just about every form of problem, just as eating a healthy diet would work with about every physical problem to bring about a real and noticeable change for the better. So simple and so obvious the solutions – but once again, here is the vexed question of WHY yet again. The mind holds the answer no more than the body, being engaged in exactly the same kind of inverted happenings as the physical body was also.

And then, there was the matter of “emotions”.

Emotional “Freedom”?

Roger Callahan, a Californian psychologist, began a true human revolution in the early 1980s by discovering that emotions could be made to disappear by treating the human energy system. He had patients tap on major meridian points which were disputed by First World science as to whether they existed at all but had been in use by other human cultures for at least 10,000 years at that time and this resulted in emotions, such as fear, anxiety, stress, anger, sadness and so on simply “disappearing”.

From this groundbreaking discovery, the whole field of Energy Psychology began to grow at a rapid rate almost immediately, as the First World inhabitants jumped with desperation on the idea that you could “simply tap your emotions away”.

If you were not afraid anymore, then you could do all sorts of things that were out of reach before – just as someone who might have lost 100 pounds in weight might all of a sudden have access to public swimming pools, glamorous clothes and the approval of their friends and neighbours.

Now, it’s true what I just said, namely that the First World inhabitants “jumped onto the idea in desperation”. Of course, they were and are desperate to find a cure for emotions. Emotions are inordinately powerful pains and pleasures that can rip you apart, turn your life upside down or simply condemn you to a hell of nothingness and suffering until you die.

I, of course, was one of these “First World inhabitants” and I tapped to destroy my emotions just as desperately as the others who got hold of a pain relief at long last and after decades of suffering.

And I do believe it was because I was able to remove the most intense of these pains which caused my mind and body to live in a constant state of confusion to one day, wake up and look around with amazement and to say, “Wait a minute. What are these emotions we are removing? What is it that we are tapping away so happily here? Why do we have emotions at all? If we are natural systems where everything has a place and an important function, then what is the function of emotions?”

It took me a while but I do believe that I can answer that question now – what emotions are and what their function is and from that starting point, a whole new idea of health and health care was beginning to emerge. New, you should say, to me – what I found was echoed across the ages by those who had worked with the human energy system before, and it was this which finally convinced me that I was right about my assumptions.

What Are Emotions?

Simply put, emotions are the feedback devices through which the energy body communicates with the conscious mind, just as physical pain is the feedback device through which the physical body communicates with the conscious mind about its states of being.

These “feelings” which I prefer to call “sensations” because they always have a physiological component too, whether we recognise this at the time or not, are cries from the invisible dimensions of our own self, that actual reality which I call the energy body.

This energy body does actually exist; it has systems not unlike the organs of the physical body; pathways not unlike the veins and arteries of the physical body; nutritional requirements, an immune system, and all of that is true and real in spite of the fact that all knowledge or occurrence of this has been edited out of awareness by the First World medical science for the past 500 years or so.

When we “tap an emotion away” we are not actually tapping a pain away – to be able to make a pain go away, you have to heal the underlying injury which caused it in the first place.

The Energy Psychologists and especially the ones who use the tapping techniques to stimulate the main energy body meridians, often talk of “removing blockages” in the system. You could think of the emotions resulting from these blockages as the equivalents to the inordinate physical pain one would feel with thrombosis – a blocked flow causes the entire surrounding area to go on red alert and the pain is spread far and wide, much further than the original seat of injury that may only be the size of a pinprick.

The Progression Of Disease

The ancient systems of Indian and Chinese medicine clearly say that any disease starts with the energy body being out of balance. Now I never really understood this properly and like most if not all First World inhabitants, gave it little thought beyond that it sounds nice in theory but hey, I’ve got a raging toothache, pass me the painkillers!

This is the cart before the horse again, or rather should I say, that is the Caesar and Jupiter confusion.

The Romans, a very practical people indeed, used to say, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to Jupiter what is Jupiter’s.”, thereby acknowledging that there are times and places for the energetic and the hard and you shouldn’t get them confused, or else nothing good can come of it. What we have been doing is giving only to Caesar and paying attention to Caesar only, leaving Jupiter quite out of the equation and that is a very costly mistake indeed.

There is a completely clear and logical transition between the happenings at the energetic level and the manifestation of physical disease in the Hard (my term for physical reality).

It really does all start with the energy body.

When this energy body is getting stressed or injured, the warning calls and warning signs are put out and they are our emotions – small fleeting ones at first, then building up in direct correlation with the severity of the imbalance which tends to get worse when no action is taken to put right what went wrong.

Think of it like this – you step on a small thorn. It hurts and you know it is there, you have sustained an injury. The natural response would be to stop, to sit down, extract the thorn, lick the wound (or engage in some other activity to stop infection), then favour the foot for as long as it takes for the wound to heal when walking is of the essence, and when it isn’t, to sit down and keep the foot off the ground.

But that is NOT what we First World folk do.

When we step on the metaphorical thorn, we ignore the pain. If we happen to be on the warpath, we will manfully walk on and on, even run into battle. When the pain gets worse, we will exert our will power to think of something else. If it gets worse still, we go and take some painkillers, then stronger painkillers, and it is only when the whole foot has become so infected that walking has become entirely impossible and our entire life is filled with nothing but the pain of this is that we finally STOP and seek some treatment.

This is so for metaphorical thorns in our psychology as well as it is in our physicality. We may accuse our allopathic healers of throwing all this heavy duty, nasty war based stuff at our injuries and that they are not really proper healers and so forth but look what we are presenting them with! How can they possibly be healers in the true sense of the word if all they see is rows upon rows of people who should have sought help with the tiny thorn a year ago when it was still easy to heal – we have literally left them with no other choice now than to cut off the entire leg to save our lives.

This is how the unsubtle and seemingly brutal First World health care systems have come into being, namely as a response to a population which doesn’t understand that you need to understand health first and that living follows suit from there, and not the other way around. Our injuries start in the energy system.

From there, they show up by the means of emotions which get successively worse and more profound. Now, these emotions turn into sensations – physical sensations like the proverbial “being punched in the stomach” as someone might describe the emotional feeling of having being told, “You’re fired” only there was no physical fist involved at all, at least not one that anyone else could see.

These physical responses, if repeated often enough, just simply become physical disease, just the same as if the person who was fired indeed was physically punched in the stomach repeatedly – the stomach will become damaged and physical sickness manifests.

That is the simple, direct, cause and effect progression between the energy body, via emotions into physical disease – there is nothing metaphysical about it, there is nothing spooky about it, there is nothing weird about it; it is a simple, plain fact and the evidence is there for all to see who wish to open their eyes to it.

Healing The Energy Body

And now, we come to a simple result of the above processes which is entirely logical and for many, will bring a huge sigh of relief, may they be healers or suffers, or most probably, both. We cannot force ourselves to lose weight with willpower alone over a lifetime – what a struggle! What an energy expenditure! What a never ending battle! What an outlook – a nightmare that never stops, can never stop and will wear us down, more and more as time goes by.

But what we can do is to heal the systems of the energy body that are causing the malfunctioning thoughts and behaviours that arise directly from the injuries of the energy body.

When we do that, there will be no more malfunctioning thoughts and behaviours.

They will simply cease to exist, just like those emotions that were simply tapped away because the basis for their existence has been removed – the original energetic injury has finally been healed and now, the pain simply STOPS.

If you recall, I said that the progression was:

Energy Body Injury -> Emotion -> Pain -> Physical Disease

Along the same lines, we have this progression:

Energy Body -> Emotion -> Pain -> Psychological Disease

… because the energy body underlies of course all health for the totality (the mind/body/spirit unit a human being represents).

Now, it is my desire to not so much heal what is already fully fledged and broken out disease. There are many who do this professionally and they are good at it – be it the last resort allopathic healers who amputate that leg because their owner failed to seek help when it was still just a thorn in the sole of their foot, or the holistic healers who point out that the likelihood of infection would have been a lot less if they had eaten a proper diet, taken care of the wound properly in the first place and have remedies to re-stimulate the systems of the body that might be able to cure this still; or be it the psychologists who would try and make a change to the person believing that it was a good thing to walk around for a year with a thorn in their foot or that winning the war was more important than losing a leg.

What I want to do is something else entirely.

I want to talk about true health – about healing and restoring the energy body from the ground up, to repair the energetic injuries that cause all the psychological and physiological suffering which is already there and to prevent any further suffering in the future. I want to do this because repairing the energy body is so easy – all it takes for it to happen is to have the will to health, because the energy realms are absolutely responsive to thought and intention.

Healing In The Quantum Realms

You might have heard me say this before, but I will repeat it because it is so centrally important.

When you stare at a wound, you cannot will it to close. Well you can, and it might make the wound close in statistically, 15% – 18.5% less time than if you hadn’t stared it at solidly for a week but that is just basically a huge waste of time of energy and effort, because the effort expended is in no relationship to the results achieved.

Energy healers across the ages have driven themselves mad because of this – it does a little so there must be something there that works but there seems to be no proper cause and effect between effectiveness and mental energy expended (as in praying for a sick person, hands on healing and so forth).

The fact is that actually, energy healing isn’t supposed to heal the physical body at all. That is the wrong tool for the wrong job – like trying to hammer in a nail with a fine screw driver. Intention (as in spells, prayers, wishes, attention, sending love and so forth) MOVES ENERGY. That is what it is for, that is what it is designed to do, and it is incredibly efficient at doing just that.

The energy body exists in a kind of quantum space – no time, no distance, that kind of thing. Here and if attention is focussed HERE, the energy body responds immediately and instantly to intentions of restoration, of healing, of re-establishing the Even Flow.

Here, and ONLY HERE, we can heal the most complex injuries for the price of a simple thought.

Here, and ONLY HERE, we can heal what lay broken and fallow for decades in a single instance. That is the most marvellous thing imaginable.

If we focus our attention where it belongs, namely on the energy realms and the energy body, cause and effect is restored and effort and reward work smoothly, quickly and with immediate results.

This does NOT mean that when we focus on the energetic injury underlying a physical disease, that the physicality is instantly repaired, please let us be clear about that in all ways. What we repair is only the energy body – that is my only desire and outcome for the system which has been called EmoTrance.

It is a healing system that does NOT seek to alleviate psychological or physical suffering; it is not a symptom remover, not a response to a pressing practical need of the “Please take this sensation away so I can go on with my busy life.”

EmoTrance is a healing system without direction or cause other than that it is logical and sensible to restore that which was broken, to heal that which was injured, to bring back to flow that which was perverted and blocked, and to have the energy body be what it should have always been – a glowing functioning entity of such perfection and beauty, it shines in all ways in the realms where it resides.

It is not that I am not aware of how much suffering there is, nor that I lack compassion for the suffers.

It is not that I don’t want to help people who are in pain.

But the fact is that there are millions who do this far more effectively than I can.

What I want to know is what happens when you repair the energy body and bring its systems back online, back to a true state of health.

I can’t begin to know or imagine.

We are talking about a state of being that might never have existed before in human history, that might have never been sought because it has never been modelled.

A fully functioning, fully nourished energy body, with all systems on line and exchanging energy freely with the Universe at every level is something that I have never seen or even thought to seek – before now.

But it is something that we can have – and I for one, would want to experience what that would be like, for the possibilities inherent beyond our current states of being and not just so the pain will stop.

In magic, there is a principle which states that when you need something, and you ask for this from a state of neediness, you cannot ever get it – the very state of neediness precludes the flow of that exact thing you need towards you and blocks you from being offered it at all. This “law of magical nature” has been the greatest headache, despair and conundrum for all and any across the ages who were desperate for help and begged for it on their knees; it has brought so many to magic and to healing who otherwise would have never given these states of existence the time of day in the first place and left them bitterly disappointed in the process.

I believe that when we work in the energy realms, with the intention of restoring our own energy bodies, not from a state of neediness but from a true desire to bring back to being an Even Flow we have never experienced before, we will open the doors to a form of magic we never had within our reach before.

This is a kind of magic that cannot be found by searching with intelligence; by disciplined study or self deprecation; not by following a guru or a teacher but only by experiencing it first hand, one human being at a time.

This is the magic I seek and for which I have developed the EmoTrance system that reminds us of the basic principles of true healing from the ground up.

I know that it is used primarily at this time to alleviate suffering and to repair symptom based problems of one kind or the other and that is fine too, because any repair work you do, any steps you take towards restoring the Even Flow in your energy body is a step towards that state of being we don’t know yet what it might be, what it might feel like, what it might be like to experience.

Heal your energy body.

With volition and just because you want to bring it back on line in all its potential perfection and beauty, as an end in and of itself and not just so you can make a few extra bucks, work a few hours a day more, get rid of that headache, find a new boyfriend or impress the neighbours. That is nothing compared to what just might be within our reach to do – at the energetic levels, for the asking and for the focussed desire and intention that it should be so.

Silvia Hartmann 16. 09.02
Creator, EmoTranceTM

Silvia Hartmann, PhD is Creator Of EmoTrance.
Find out more about EmoTranceTM and Energy Nutrition

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